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Scary Statements in Real Estate

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

The average real estate agent will tell you they've "seen it all", but even seasoned Realtors will run screaming at the sound of these scary statements. Can you make it through this list without cringing?

"Well, Zillow says..."

"The underwriter has asked for a few more additional items"

"The buyer would like a mold inspection"

"My client is out of the country for the rest of the transaction"

"I know our offer was all cash, but the Buyer decided to get a hard money loan instead"

"Everything is great! No issues here! Looking forward to closing on time!"

"Since the price is reduced, will you reduce your commission too?"

"We're gonna need the HOA company to complete those repairs before closing"

"I'm not able to get a hold of my client, but I'm sure it's fine"

"So, I talked to the neighbors..."

"My cousin's brother-in-law has a roommate out of state that's a realtor, and HE says..."

"The HOA is requesting an $875 upfront fee to email documents they already have prepared and are giving us a 10 business day turnaround time"

"Did I mention there was a death on the property?"

"I'm a broker representing my clients, but I'm also their lender and we are using the escrow company I own as well"

"Oh, I thought you were going to order that..."

"I'm sorry, we don't accept digital signatures"

(okay, that one's more scary for the TCs than the agents)

What's the most terrifying thing you've heard during escrow?

Leave a comment below!

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