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  • What happens if the file cancels?
    We know that things happen and sometimes, for whatever reason, a transaction cancels. We make sure to close out the file with a fully executed cancellation form and collect any needed signatures for compliance purposes.
  • Can I have my client pay your fee?
    Yes! Since the contract is an agreement between the Buyer and the Seller and payment of the TC fee is between the Agent and the Client, do NOT write the TC fee into the contract. If it's your Seller, the fee should be written into the Listing Agreement (RLA) and if it's your Buyer, it should be on a Broker Buyer Representation Agreement (BRE). When you complete the intake form for a new escrow, you will be asked who is paying the TC fee. If you select your client, we will send out a TC fee agreement to be signed by you and your client that includes an explanation of our services and an authorization to escrow allowing them to pay our fee to us directly at closing.
  • How do you get paid?
    Typically we submit our invoice to escrow when we provide them with broker signed commission instuctions and receive a check at closing. If your broker does not allow our fee to be paid through escrow, we can send you an invoice via QuickBooks to be paid after closing.
  • Do you schedule inspections?
    No. We've found that inspections, repair work and final walk through appointments scheduled by the agent & client directly are more efficient during the course of the transaction. We make sure to confirm that these appointments have been made and to follow up after the fact for the necessary paperwork & reports.
  • What are your office hours?
    You will typically see emails flying around and documents being sent out at all hours, but we make ourselves accessible Monday - Friday from 9am - 5pm PST via phone, text, email, DMs, etc. We're closed on federal holidays.
  • I'm an independent broker and I don't have a checklist or upload system. Is that okay?
    Of course! Our most basic compliant file meets all DRE requirements with a few additional items incorporated for best risk management practices. You can find a copy of our Independent Broker Checklist HERE. We also store your files in the cloud for up to 7 years and provide you (and your client) with a password protected link to access those documents for viewing or downloading.
  • How many files can you handle?
    Our team of experienced Transaction Coordinators paired with our refined and custom procedures and systems allow us to operate a high volume of files. We don't cap our TCs based on a file count and instead make sure the TCs are paired with agents that meet specific production level criteria. That way our agents have a dedicated TC that is available to give them a consistent level of service, regardless of the market and file volume.
  • Will you add my branding and information to your email signature line? Or use a dedicated TC email that I already have?
    No. Similar to the escrow and title companies, we are an independent transaction coordinator company with an established brand and reputation providing a service on a per file basis.
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