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New Year. Who Dis?

Everyone puts a lot of pressure on January. It must be hard to be month #1. So many expectations. So many plans. People tend to go big on their hopes & dreams & planning out everything they intend to accomplish over the next 12 months. While having a big picture vision is helpful, it's easy to overlook the small, tiny details that can be just as important.

In the same way people align the changing of their smoke alarm batteries with Daylight Saving Time, let the first month of the year be your reminder to check in & review those elements that may have changed over the last 365 days.

For example, have you:

  • Moved to another brokerage?

  • Joined or left a team?

  • Changed your name?

  • Expanded or reduced the areas you service?

Not everyone has experienced one of the major changes above, but that doesn't mean there aren't a few areas in your business that could use a second look.


Rev That Search Engine

Make sure that when you "Google yourself" all of the correct information comes up. Is that the correct mailing address? Does the phone number go to you or your main office? Is that your current headshot or some random property shot?

**PRO TIP: make sure you use an incognito window through Chrome so your search engine doesn't provide biased results**


The Real You

Now would be the perfect time to update your Realtor headshots. A lot of photographers are past their holiday card busy season and might have some availability. Obviously this wouldn't be something to do EVERY year, but consider it if it's been at least 5 years or you've changed your appearance in any major way (new hair color, new hair length, new nose...etc).


What's in a Name?

Your name tag is such a vital part of your personal branding. It makes you more approachable (people don't have to worry about forgetting your name) and could even be a conversation starter. Even if you haven't changed your name, DRE # or brokerage recently, take a close look at your name tag & just make sure it's in prime condition. Is it scratched up? Peeling apart? Faded? Have any of the rhinestones fallen off? Maybe your brokerage updated their logo.


Cards are Cash

A business card is literally a representation of your entire business on a small card that someone takes with them after you've parted ways. Having a business card handy that stands out, is legible & provides all they ways someone can contact you, could literally be the reason someone does (or doesn't) work with you! Make sure you've stocked up and have plenty available. But before you resupply, make sure your contact info is up to date. Does it reference your BRE#? Or does it say DRE#? Has your brokerage updated their logo recently? Want to add a call to action or a new slogan?


Timeless Templates

Time is money and one of the easiest ways to save you time is by using templates. Templates for your social media, your email responses and ESPECIALLY your contracts. CAR releases new and updated forms twice a year so if you utilize Zipforms or Glide templates for your contracts you should check in & make sure they're up to date. Does your broker have certain forms they need in every transaction? Did you know you could upload those to the system so they are always included with the Purchase agreement or Listing contract?

Don't have any templates set up? Contact us today to find out how we can get those taken care of for you at not additional cost!


Systems Review

Your business is only as steady as your systems! Transaction Coordinators swear by our systems, but real estate agents should have systems as well. Mainly your CRM system. (for those like me that never really knew what CRM stood for & were too embarrassed to ask, it's Customer Relationship Management. You're welcome.) Is there a category you never got around to creating? Maybe an extra step during input that you could work to eliminate. Even better still, is there a Zapier connection you could make with one of the other programs you use to make the system work even better for you?


Look for Leverage

Is there something in your life or your business that you could leverage? The big ones are things like grocery delivery & housekeeping at home and, of course, a transaction coordinator at the office. But what about handyman services so that picture on the floor finally gets hung up? Or how about a company that delivers client gifts & hand written letters? Look for areas in your day that currently aren't getting you to your goal and leverage them out!


Keep this list in your calendar & set up a recurring event each year to check in & review all the little details that can get lost in the shuffle of the year.

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